Dear Customer


Thank you for visiting our site, and we are happy you found us. We know that that there are many orthodontic instruments on the market. A Google search for orthodontic instruments will reveal many brands, different designs, quality and prices. The brand Swiss Dental Specialties has been on the market since 2015. Since this time, we have been providing our many customers with a high quality instruments at a fair price. We can provide a fair price due to low overhead costs and organized processes based on our own internal quality management system.


We are proud of our instrument quality of high grade alloys, which endure many sterilization processes, and our solid box joints which also undergo high pressures on a daily basis.


Many Doctors prefer the ergonomic feel of our grips, the satin brushed finish, which cause for a reduction of glare, our cutters clean cuts, and if properly taken care of and maintained, a long working life.


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